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Taebo Training Facts

Taebo training adds a fun and exciting pace to any boring workout routine. This fast-paced high-impact workout routine is an excellent way to tone your muscles, burn calories, sharpen your mental skills, and strengthen your heart. Discover more about this incredible Taebo workout routine that according to Billy Blanks was intended for the mind, body and soul.

This power-packed workout uses Tae Kwon Do, punch boxing along with dancing for the ultimate in cardio fitness. Tae Kwon Do techniques used in this fitness program include front kicks, back kicks, roundhouse kicks, and sidekicks. Tae Kwon Do is responsible for the self-discipline aspect, as well as toning and strengthening your complete lower body. The punch-boxing aspect of Taebo cardio uses traditional boxing techniques such as, jabs, crossing punches, backhand, uppercuts, and even, punching bag moves. This all-over body workout will have you feeling great!

Taebo Training

The Billy Blanks Taebo training is guaranteed be fresh and exciting, every time you exercise. This program is set to music and works on toning and strengthening, not only your upper body (including arms, chest and shoulders) your lower body (thighs and butt) and main muscles (including your heart, spinal muscles, obliques and abs). Not only does this program work on toning and shaping your entire body, but it also targets specific areas, too. One example of this is Taebo Cardio. Read on to learn more of these super hot DVDs.

Check out these hot titles by the famous, martial arts master, Billy Blanks. Two popular titles, guaranteed to give you a ready for Hollywood body aptly named, Get Celebrity Fit – Cardio and Get Celebrity Fit – Sculpt. Probably the most popular of all of these impressive workout videos is a combo pack of four videos and is probably the best to start out with. These titles include basic, Instructional, Advanced, and the wildly, popular 8-minute Workout. Check out the Total Body Fat Blaster to really zap fat, fast and burn lots of calories. To really get your workout in gear, try Ultimate Boot Camp. Dance, Kick, and punch your way to fitness bliss with high-impact music with the super-charged Amped workout video. These Taebo workout videos can be bought in either VHS format or DVD and they’re guaranteed to get you pumped up.

The weight loss results with these tapes are astounding, especially when eating a healthy diet! This fun, yet high-impact cardio workout really gets you pumped and helps burn calories, fast. Thirty minutes of Taebo burns 400 calories; the eight-minute workout video includes a warm up, cool down, and an eight-minute intermediate session and burns 75 – 100 calories; one minute of Taebo training burns 13.333 calories.

When this fun, exhilarating workout concept was invented, Blanks designed the plan with aspects designed to help the mind, body and soul. The Tae Kwon Do aspect provides self-awareness, self-confidence, and familiarity with martial arts. Martial arts combined with punch-boxing and dancing connects our minds and bodies by teaching mental acuity, physical strength, mental coordination and accuracy, and speed. The beautiful balance of mind, body, and soul is delivered by using these intense workouts, which is what, makes Taebo training stand apart from other fitness programs.

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